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Shape your goals with the help of Jam New York

Jam New York strongly believes that goal setting is an imperative part of attaining success. Last week, the firm held a workshop for their contractors, where they encouraged the young professionals to take their goal setting strategy to the next level by asking themselves a few simple questions. 

Jam New York invests a significant amount of their time to ensure that the next generation of young professionals is fully prepared to launch their own successful path in the sales and marketing industry.

During last week’s workshop, Jam New York urged their contractors to consider four important questions, which will help them refocus their goals and ensure they are ready to pursue the path of entrepreneurship.

Who do I want to be? Jam New York is renowned in the industry for their unwavering passion for the sales and marketing sector. The firm believes that it is this committed to their clients and consumers that have enabled them to become one of the leading firms in New York. As a result, they are encouraging their contractors to be clear about what success would look like for them, which will, in turn, help them set clear goals for themselves.

Why do I want this? Although success is usually most entrepreneurs sole motivator, Jam New York believes that good entrepreneurs should base their goals on other meaningful motivators. The firm feels that if their professionals take the time to consider why they want to achieve their particular goal, then they will be better equipped to stay motivated and deal with all the benefits and challenges that accompany entrepreneurship.

Am I mentally and physically prepared for success? Jam New York explained the importance of maintaining good mental and physical wellbeing in order to effectively take on the daily requirements of being a business owner. Improved physical and mental health boosts energy, increases productivity, which in turn can both help promote innovation.

What do I want my legacy to be? Jam New York strongly believes in the importance of making a good impression. The firm takes great pride in their ability to deliver outstanding customer service and effectively meet the requirements of the brands they work with. Jam New York feels that all budding entrepreneurs should endeavour to consistently make a good impression and build a good legacy.


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