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Jam New York – Success comes when you take risks

Every entrepreneur is aware of the importance of thoughtful risk-taking. For the sales and marketing specialists, Jam New York their tendency to avoid taking the safe route has largely contributed to their outstanding success over the last few months.

Jam New York teaches their young professionals to take risks and not fall into the trap of playing it safe once they reach a certain level of success. During a motivational workshop for their staff firm outlined some of the key signs that show how professionals play it safe and shared what they need to do to avoid this.

You’re hitting all of your goals – Goal setting is an important part of pursuing and achievement. However, if individuals are easily able to achieve their goals with minimal effort, it can often be a sign that their goals or not challenging enough. Jam New York instead are now encouraging their contractors to set challenging goals for themselves in order to ensure they reach their full potential

You’re not becoming a thought leader in your space – Success in the sales and marketing industry is dependent on a firm’s ability to not only deliver innovative and engaging marketing campaigns for their clients but also provide exceptional customer service that forges long-lasting relationships. Jam New York believe that in order to maintain their position as leaders in their field, it is important to share their wealth of experience and skills to the next generation of sales and marketing professionals.

There’s nothing keeping you up at night – Successful entrepreneurs always say that in order to achieve the unachievable it is important for budding entrepreneurs to train themselves to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Jam New York strongly support this notion. The firm believes that entrepreneurship is often filled with moments of highs and uncertainties and the firm feel that it is important for professionals to quickly accustom themselves with the ever growing demands of entrepreneurship in order to give themselves the best chance of success in the future.

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