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Jam New York Reflect on the Importance of Giving Back to the Community

Jam New York Reflect on the Importance of Giving Back to the Community

Social responsibility has become increasingly important to companies and consumers over recent years. In response to this awareness, sales and event marketing firm, Jam New York have highlighted the reason why it is important for brands to give back.

Social responsibility is having a snowball effect on companies and consumers. There are now more brands looking to incorporate ‘giving back’ into their overall business strategy, and consumers today now consider how socially responsible a brand is before they decide to engage with them. In response to this increased awareness of how brands need to be socially or environmentally accountable and after seeing success with their various charity campaigns, sales and event marketing firm, Jam New York has been reflecting on the value of giving back to the community.

As a firm that wants to make an impact not only in their native city of NYC but also internationally, Jam New York run successful sales and event marketing campaigns for their various charity clients. These campaigns have made the firm aware of specific causes around the world and how people in society are more conscious about their impacts and how they can give back.

Since building trustworthy relationships with customers form the cornerstone of a successful company, Jam New York states that a social responsibility plan will have a significant impact on consumer purchasing choices. The firm’s successful charity campaigns have demonstrated that consumers are willing to give to worthy causes, so if they know a portion of company profits will be giving back, they are more likely to purchase from that specific brand.

Individuals today want to add more meaning to their work and life, and as a result, social responsibility goes a long way to empower workers and boost morale and productivity.  From their business development programme, Jam New York is training the next generation of business owners in the outsourced sales and marketing industry. Through the programme, Jam New York are helping their entrepreneurs understand the importance of giving back and being a responsible and socially conscious business owner.

As advocates of corporate social responsibility, Jam New York is keen to highlight why it is essential for brands to give back. The firm would encourage companies who don’t have a business strategy in place for social responsibility, to act on this asap to avoid them losing customers.


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