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Jam New York Investigates 3 key skills that can be learnt from billionaires

Sales and marketing specialists Jam New York, have shared three valuables skills that can be learnt from billionaires and how to apply them to business.

Jam New York believe that in order to progress as an entrepreneur it is important to learn from others who have either succeeded or failed.

The firm stated that although there are no set formulas for reaching billionaire status, there are a few fundamental traits that can be learnt from billionaires;

Smart risk-taking – Successful entrepreneurs will often state that their willingness to push the boundaries and take well-informed risks is the number one skill that they believe contributed to their success.

The 2015 Billionaire Report found that self-made billionaires have an optimistic attitude towards risk-taking and are more likely to focus on the risks they understand and then find smart ways to reduce them. The report stated that one vital aspect of smart risk-taking involves looking for opportunities where there is already an advantage. The report went on to explain that in these situations the risks for anybody without these advantages will appear high and they are more likely to walk away.

Obsessive business focus – Another common trait that can be identified in successful billionaires is their unwavering business focus. In order to run a lucrative business, it’s important to adopt a forward-thinking approach when it comes to sourcing untapped opportunities.

The Billionaire Report stated that curiosity was another key trait that most self-made billionaires have. Their sense of curiosity consistently acted as a driving force behind all of their business decisions, which ultimately resulted in creating further business opportunities.

Determination and tenacity – Most entrepreneurs will say that their determination and their ability to bounce back from failed endeavours has enabled them to become a successful business owner.

The Billionaire Report found that Billionaires have an exceptional work ethic and were highly resilient, which enabled them to overcome the regular knocks that come with owning a business.

As a result, Billionaires are more likely to learn from their mistakes and make the required steps to source other lucrative opportunities.

Jam New York was fascinated by these findings and believe that these principles resonate with their overall growth strategy. As a result of the firm’s investigation into the three skills that can be learnt from billionaires, the company now intends to apply these skills to their development programme for all of their contractors.

The firm actively encourages their contractors to acquire new skills and regularly conduct workshops and seminars, where they reinforce the importance of developing valuable entrepreneurial skills.

A spokesperson for Jam New York says “We are huge advocates of personal and professional development and always actively looking for new sourcing of inspiration that will boost productivity. We think these three skills are important for anyone who is looking to become a successful entrepreneur and think our staff will be able to benefit from this knowledge.”

Based in New York, Jam New York is a direct marketing firm that specialize in creating personalised marketing campaigns for their clients.


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