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Jam New York investigate the importance of progression in business

In a motivational workshop held for his contractors this week, Jam New York delved into the subject of progression and growth in business in order to their contractors understand why they must always strive for growth as budding entrepreneurs.

The firm is keen to make a big impact in the sales and marketing industry and recently outlined some of the ways he plans to push his company’s growth to the next level.

Set goals – Having accomplished his own goal of being a business owner, Jam New York’s CEO is fully aware of the impact goal setting can have on success. During the session, the firm’s figurehead encouraged his contractors to set long term and short term goals for themselves on a regular basis in order to increase their chances of success

Don’t fear failure – Jam New York believes that many entrepreneurs fail to see the value of failure. A spokesperson for the firm said “The most useful thing an entrepreneur can do to propel their own growth is to learn from their mistakes.” Jam New York assured their staff that it is very rare that entrepreneurs achieve their desired result on the first try, therefore, being open to the prospect of failure will dramatically help when they are looking to take the next steps in their development strategy.

Take risks – Jam New York strongly believe in the popular phrase, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. The company believes that in order to become one of the most innovative sales and marketing firms in the UK it is imperative to take well-educated risks.

Seek a mentor – Jam New York invests a large proportion of his time to coaching young professionals who are passionate about pursuing a career in the sales and marketing industry. As a result, the firm has specifically built their business model to offer comprehensive mentoring and business development opportunities.


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