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Jam New York Host Workshop on What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Elite Athletes 

The New York-based marketing and promotions firm held a company-wide workshop this week, exploring what entrepreneurs can learn from elite athletes and apply to progress their business journeys. 

“The drive and determination that take athletes to an elite level are attributes that are needed to compete in business,” commented a spokesperson for Jam New York.

During the workshop, the firm highlighted four attributes possessed by elite athletes that can be transferred into business.  

Learn from failures 

Athletes will regularly experience defeats. Rather than dwelling on failures, elite athletes use those losses as learning experiences to do better next time. Elite athletes will analyse their performance, identify what went well; they’ll look for room for improvement and apply what they learned to their next race, match or experience. Jam New York believes entrepreneurs can apply that same logic to use failures as learning experiences.   

Forget the 9-5  

Elite athletes don’t comply with the 9-5 existence. Most athletes will wake up before dawn to train. After training, the rest of their day is carefully planned without clock off time. Entrepreneurs put in above average hours. However, those long days are necessary in pursuit of their passion and goals. Events and meetings will often happen outside of office hours; therefore it’s crucial for entrepreneurs to be flexible. 

Build a great team 

Even for individual competitors, assembling a strong team to bring the right people together is vital for success. A single competitor will have a team of coaches and mentors which contribute significantly to their success. At Jam New York, they urge their professionals to build a solid network of like-minded individuals who can help to motivate and inspire them.   

Thrive on competition  

Rivalry helps to drive athletes towards greatness, and Jam New York believe that the same is true in business. Jam New York thinks that competition pushes people to do better and they are committed to helping their workforce succeed in any way they can.


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