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Jam New York drives for a diverse workforce.

The New York-based marketing specialists Jam New York have announced their plans to drive diversity and creativity within their workforce.

As global markets emerge, diversity is becoming an essential element of business life say Jam New York.  The sales and marketing agency have always considered themselves a brand which welcomes and attracts staff from all walks of life, backgrounds and experience levels.

Jam New York has launched a recruitment drive to target creatives, including actors, musicians and comedians. The firm expects an influx of new starters from these areas over the next few months. Jam New York believes that the sales and marketing industry needs a wide variation of

professionals from different backgrounds and they are prepared to coach them to ensure career changers have a platform to get them off the ground.

In a recent interview, Jam New York Managing Director Eduardo Gamboa was quoted, “We have always created a distinct brand, welcoming all workers who match our culture for success, standards and growth.  We will be looking to expand our sales force with those from creative backgrounds. Expressive arts candidates will bring a spark to our campaigns, that will add even more pizazz to our fun promotions. We encourage all those from the entertainment industry looking for a change to send over a resume to secure a place on our upcoming recruitment days.”

In a recent workshop, the firm explained why all US firms should look to develop a diverse workforce.

Business Reputation – Many businesses who promote diversity in the workplace have benefitted from enhanced opportunities when securing new clients, this is a result of a shift in companies wanting to connect with socially responsible partners. A smart business will understand the value added by achieving a broad spectrum of talent and personality.

Job Promotion – Businesses which appeal to individuals from across the globe will add value through their multicultural understanding, and this will open doors as language barriers, understanding cultural values are easier to overcome and use to a business’s advantage.

Increased Exposure – A smart business can take advantage of employing people from varying cultures and backgrounds, alternative perspectives can offer a competitive edge when securing global contracts.  Companies who can successfully merge multigenerational workers will find their teams strengthen as they learn from their peer’s skills and vision which may not have dominated their era.

Jam New York is looking forward to welcoming new talent to their already successful team; they are confident the new demographic will add a competitive edge to their campaigns and open new doors in 2019.


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